Hello Friends and Clients! As of August 15, 2018, my office on Blossom Road will be closed until further notice. I'm heading out west for a year in beautiful Wenatchee, Washington! See you when I return in the Fall of 2019. Many thanks to all for your loyal business - Janet

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It is my belief that the cosmic Divine created the beautifully complex human body to work with ease. Still, we are all too familiar with the aches and pains, injuries, and stresses life brings every day that sap our strength, vitality and resolve.

Regular massage is an excellent way to help relieve, restore and refresh our bodies so we can "do what needs to be done". 

It's also a really nice way to spoil yourself or celebrate a special occasion.

Read about the incredible healing effects of massage on the "Benefits of Massage" page.

If you've never had a massage, I encourage you to read the "Frequently Asked Questions" page.


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